About Me

Hi, I’m Ankita and the founder of Hinduism Vibes. I’m from India and belong to a lovely Hindu family. I’ve been following Hinduism my entire life. But let me tell you that I’m a more spiritual and less religious person.

I follow Hinduism as a way of life and I adapt only such practices in Hinduism that I feel connected with my whole heart and mind.

I respect all the good practices in every religion that spreads positivity and true wisdom in society.


About Hinduism Vibes

Hinduism Vibes is a blog that I’ve created to share knowledge and information about the Hindusim. One who is intereted in knowwing about Hindu culture, tradition, values and beliefs can read the blogs here.

My Story

As my parents and I belong to the Hindu religion, I’ve observed almost all the practices and beliefs in Hinduism.

In my high school, as formal education, I’ve studied the Sanskrit subject for three years. Sanskrit is totally connected with Hinduism because all the Hindu scripts originally have been written in Sanskrit.

With the help of a wonderful and knowledgeable Sanskrit teacher, I’ve come to know about different aspects of Hindu scripts.



I’ve Read the Hindu Epics

Ramayana and Mahabharata are the epics of India. These epics are originally in the form of Sanskrit poems.

These epics influenced the Hindus. I’ve not only read these Hindu epics but also appeared for exams and cleared the exams.

‘The Bhagavad Gita’ is My Favourite in Hinduism

I’ve been reading the Bhagavad Gita, not as a religious book but to understand the philosophy of life. This is an interesting book and I’ve learned so many things by reading this.

My Mission

I’m on a mission to understand more about Hinduism and its culture. Also, I would like to share my knowledge with people and experience with people.