Price, Delivery, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

There is no cancellation of orders placed E-Books, PDFs, or any digital products if any purchased under Instant Electronic Delivery / Instant Downloads. No refund is made for such purchases.

Refund Policy

If you face any technical error to download the e-books or digital products after making purchase, you can reach out to us through email and will resolve the issue. But no refund is made for any digital products.

Price Policy

Prices for our digital products are subject to change. We shall not be liable to you for change in price and services we provide.

Delivery Policy

We deal only with digital products like ebooks. So, once you make a payment you will instantly get link to download the digital product. Also, we instantly deliver the digital product to your email ID that you provide during buying our digital products.

About Pricing Plan

The price of ebooks and digital products that we sell on our site can be anywhere between 1 INR to 1500 INR per ebook depending on the content and value we provide.