Goddess Laxmi names for baby girl are something that parents love to name their child after Goddess in Hinduism.

As the Goddess Laxmi has 108 different names, every name has a powerful meaning. Many Indians love to name their babies after Lakshmi.

Let me share all the meaningful names of Goddess Lakshmi in my current blog. This will help you to pick up a pretty name for your baby girl.

Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl

100 Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl in Hinduism

Devotees of the Hindu Goddess Laxmi, chant her 108 names with love. Also, in India, many people consider a baby girl as a goddess Lakshmi.

So, if you are finding a name for your baby girl that is inspired by goddess Laxmi then check the list below.

Hindu Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘A’

1. Anagha – Sinless person
2. Amrita – Nectar
3. Anugrahaprada – Granter of good wishes
4. Aditya – Radiant like the sun
5. Ahladajanani – The one who is the source of happiness
6. Ashoka – Someone who is a dispeller of sorrows

Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘B’

7. Bilvanilaya – Resider under Bilva Tree (Stone apple tree)
8. Bhuvaneshwari – Supreme deity or goddess
9. Brahmavishnushivatmika – Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
10. Buddhi – Intelligence
11. Bhaskar – Someone who is radiant like the Sun

Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘C’

12. Chandravadana – Moon-Faced person
13. Chandrasahodari – The Moon’s sister
14. Chandra – The moon or cool like the moon
15. Chandragupta – Moon-Faced
16. Chaturbhuja – Having four arms

Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘D’

17. Dhanya –It means the personification of gratitude
18. Devi – Goddess
19. Ditya – Answer of prayers
20. Dipta – Radiant
21. Dipa – Flame-Like
22. Daridryadhwamsini – Someone who is the destroyer of poverty
23. Daridryanashini – Remover of poverty
24. Dhanadhanyaki – Giver of wealth and foodgrains
25. Dhbarmanilaya – The one who is the establisher of eternal law
26. Devi – Female deity

Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘H’

27. Hiranmayi – It means, a golden appearance
28. Harivallabhi – Consort of Lord Hari
29. Harini – Someone who is like Deer
30. Hemamalini – Having golden garlands
31. Hiranyaprakara – Amidst gold

Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘I’ and ‘J’

32. Indira – Radiant like the God Indra
33. Indusheetala – Someone who is cool like the Moon

34. Jaya – Victory

Lakshmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘K’

35. Kanta – Consort of Lord Vishnu
36. Kamala – Emanating from the Lotus
37. Kamakshi – Attractive eyes
38. Kshirodhasambhava / Krodhasambhava
39. Karuna – Compassionate

Beautiful Names of Goddess Laxmi for Baby Girl Starting with ‘L’

40. Lbokashokavinashini – Someone who is a remover of universal agonies
41. Lokamatri – Mother of the universe
42. Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth and money

Hindu Names of Goddess Laxmi for Baby Girl Starting with ‘M’

43. Mahakali – A form of Goddess Kali
44. Mangala Devi – Most auspicious woman

Meaningful Names of Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘N’

45. Navadurga – Nine forms of Goddess Durga
46. Nripaveshmagatananda – The one who loves to live in Palaces
47. Narayanasamashrita – Sought refuge in Narayana
48. Nitya Pushta – Gaining strength day by day or every day

Sacred Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘P’

49. Padmagandhini – Fragrance of lotus flower
50. Padmapriya – She is the lover of lotus
51. Prasannakshi – Lively-Eyed woman
52. Padmahasta – Having Lotus-Like hands
53. Padmakshya – Lotus-eyed
54. Padmini – Lotus
55. Padma – Lotus flower
56. Prakriti – Nature
57. Padmamaladhara – Someone who is a wearer of lotus garland
58. Padmamukhi – Lotus-Faced woman
59. Padmanabhapriya – Beloved of Lord Padmanabha
60. Padmasundari – Beautiful like the lotus
61. Padmalaya – Residing on the lotus flower
62. Padmodbhava – Someone who has emerged out of the lotus
63. Paramatmika – Omnipresence
64. Prabha – Having radiant like the sun
65. Prasadabhimukhi – Emerging to grant boons
66. Pritipushkarini – Someone with pleasing eyes
67. Punyagandha – Having a divine perfume
68. Pushti – Healthy

69. Rama – Pleaser of the Lord

Pretty Names of Hindu Goddess Laxmifor Baby Girl Starting with ‘S’ 

70. Sudha – Nectar
71. Shanta – Peace or calm
72. Shivakari – Someone who is the source of auspicious things
73. Samudratanaya – Beloved daughter of the ocean of milk
74. Sarvabhutahitaprada – The one who is the granter of universal niceties
75. Sarvopadrava Varini – Dispeller of all distresses
76. Satya – Truth
77. Shiva – Auspicious
78. Shraddha – Devoted
79. Shri – Goddess of fortune
80. Shubha – Auspicious
81. Shubhaprada – Granter of auspicious things
82. Shuchi – Embodiment of purity
83. Shuklamalyambara – Someone who is the wearer of white garland and attire
84. Siddhi – Ever ready to protect straina
85. Strainasoumya – Showering goodness on women
86. Suprasanna – Ever cheerful and beaming
87. Surabhi – Celestial being
88. Swadha – Shape of Swadhadevi
89. Swaha – Shape of Swahadevi (Auspicious)

Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘T’ and ‘U’

90. Tushti – Someone who is the possessor of all wealth
91. Trikalajnanasampanna – The one who is aware of all past, present, and future

92. Udaranga – Endowed with a beautiful body

Goddess Laxmi Names for Baby Girl Starting with ‘V’

93. Vasudha – Earth or planet
94. Vimala – Purity
95. Vachi – Nectar-like speech
96. Vishwajanani – She is the mother of the universe
97. Varalakshmi – Granter of bounty
98. Vararoha – The one who is ready to offer boons
99. Vasudharini – Someone who is bearing the burden of the earth
100. Vasundhara – She is the daughter of the Earth
101. Vibha – Radiant woman
102. Vibhuti – Wealth or money
103. Vidya – Wisdom and knowledge
104. Vikriti – Faceted Nature
105. Vasuprada – Bestower or giver of wealth
106. Vishnupatni – Consort of Lord Vishnu
107. Vishnuvakshassthalasthita – The one who is residing in Lord Vishnu’s chest

108. Yashaswini – Reputed woman

Among these 108 Laxmi’s Names Which one is Suitable for My Newborn?

Well, all these names of Goddess Lakshmi are meaningful. You can choose any name with which you feel connected as a parent of a baby girl.

You can also choose the name according to the alphabet that matches your name’s first alphabet as a parent.

Why Baby Girls are Named After Goddess Laxmi in Hindu Family?

Goddess Laxmi is a giver of wealth and prosperity according to Hindu beliefs. Hindus like to name their daughters with Laxmi names because they want to see the reflection of prosperity and the reflection of good qualities in their children.

Here you understood the 108 Goddess Laxmi names for baby girl with meanings. Let me know in the comment section, as a parent which name have you selected for your child.