Hindu marriage wishes are not just lines but it reflects blessings and love.

Wish new Hindu couples with beautiful and meaningful wishing lines.

Hindu Marriage Wishes

37 Beautiful Hindu Marriage Wishes

Pour your blessings and love on a newly wedded couple with heart warming wishes.

1. Stay together to create a life long bond. May your partnership of love and support bloom like the bonding between Lord Shiva and Parvati. Happy Married Life.

2. May you two rise in love like Lord Krishna and Radha. Have a wonderful journey together. Happy Wedding Day.

3. Today with the blessings of Lord Vishnu you are starting a new journey. May you two establish a strong bonding for life. Happy married life.

4. May maa Durga bless you two with prosperity. Happy wedding day.

5. The real beauty is finding a like-minded partner and exploring the life together. May Lord Mahadev bless you with happiness.

6. Marriage is not just an act of tying a knot but it’s a commitment of supporting each other in every hardships of life. Start your new journey with the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara.

7. Marriage is between two hearts and souls. May Lord Brahma fill your life with love and joy. Happy Wedding Day.

8. I wish you both rise in love and always support each other. May Lord Mahadev shower his blessings on both of you. Happy married life and congratulations.

9. It’s a beautiful thing to get a partner who will be always there to support you in every areas of life. May you two create a strong bond with the blessings of Mahadev and Parvati. Happy married life.

10. May you tow create a strong foundation for your life together with love, support and trust. I wish you a happy married life.

11. Having life partner who shares joys and hardships with you is a blessing. May you two build a bond like Lord Shiva and Parvati. Happy married life.

12. Sharing life with another person is a beautiful journey. May Maa Durga shower her blessings on you two for your new beginning. Happy married life.

13.  I’m so glad that you have found your soulmate. May Lord Shiva bless your with prosperity. Happy married life.

14. Marriage is a beautiful 306 degree rainbow. Respect all the shades of each other. Happy married life. May God bless you a colourful life.

15. I wish you two build a strong lifelong heart to heart bond with each other like the bond between Lord Krishna and Radha. Happy Wedding Day.

16. Happy married life to a beautiful couple. I pray to Lord Mahadev to bless you with abundance, happiness and love. Happy married life.

17. May you two beautiful souls bloom together in bliss. May Lord Vishnu bless you with love and happiness. Happy married life.

18.  Marrying a person means accepting him/her heartily. May you two live a blissful life together with the blessings of god. Happy married life.

19. Trust, love and respect are the pillars of the best relationship. May you two be the best couples with strong bonding. May Lord Krishna bless you. Happy married life.

20. May your partnership in life be like Radha Krishna. Happy Married life.

21. May you two enjoy each other’s company by sharing love and joy. Let your life bloom with the blessings of Lord Krishna. Happy wedding day.

22. May you enjoy every little moments of life with your supportive life partner. May you grow and rise together in love. Happy Married Life.

23. Let your love towards each other be like the love of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Happy married life to a wonderful new couple.

24. Sow the seeds of love, trust and respect in your relationship. May you two bloom like a colourful flowers. May Lord Ganesha bless you with prosperity and abundance. Happy married life.

25. I’m sending my warm wishes to the wonderful couple. May Lord Brahma shower his divine blessings on you two. Happy married life and congratulations.

26. Marriage is a promise between two hearts to support each other and share joys as well as sorrows. May you two be an inspiring couple with the blessings of Lord Mahadev. Happy married life.

27. Marriage is a pure relationship between two souls. Let you and your soulmate bloom every single day with love. May Lord Krishna bless you with joy.

28. Life becomes easy with a true soulmate. May God bless you two. Happy married life.

29. May you two lead a lovely life like Lord Rama and Sita. I wish you a happy marriage life.

30. Letting your life partner to be the best version of his/her own self is a sign of true love. I pray to Lord Krishna to bless you two love, happiness and wisdom. Happy married life.

31. Staying together with a soulmate is a true bliss. May you two build a strong bonding and stay happy together, forever. Happy married life.

32. I wish you and your partner be happy in a relationship with each other like Radha and Krishna. Happy Married Life.

33. I’m the happiest person as I know that you have got your true soulmate. Happy married life dear friend.

34. I wish the spark of love always be there in your relationship. You two spread love and happiness around you like Radha-Krishna. Happy wedding day.

35. May your love grow even deeper every single day. Stay together and happy forever. I wish Maa Durga pour her blessings on both of you for a new beginning. Happy married life.

36. It’s a new journey of love and commitment. May Lord Ganesha always be with you two. Happy married life to a beautiful couple.

37. May you two be best friends and best couples in life. I pray to Lord Shive for your love life. Happy married life.

So, just send the best marriage wishes to your dear ones who is starting a new journey with a soulmate. If you have any other beautiful wishing lines for wedding, feel free to comment below.