Hindu months names are based on the Indian calendar.

Hindu calendar includes 12 months. Let’s find out the more information about these months in the current blog.

Hindu Months Names

12 Hindu Months Names

12 Hindu months are related to solar system. This is also known as Sanskrit Lunar Months.

Hindu Months Corresponding Gregorian Calendar Months
1. Chaitra April – May
2. Vaisakha May – June
3. Jyeshtha June – July
4. Ashadha July – August
5. Shravana August – September
6. Bhadrapada September – October
7. Ashvin October – November
8. Kartik November – December
9. Marghashirshya December – January 
10. Pausha January – February
11. Magha February – March
12. Phalguna March – April

What are the 12 Hindu Months?

Let’s know about 12 months in Hinduism culture.


Chitra is the first Hindu month. This is the Hindu New Year. This begins with the new moon in the April month as per English calendar.


Vaishakh is the second month in the Hindu Calendar. In many Indian states the harvest festival is celebrated in the Vaishakh.


Jyeshtha is the third month of Hindu Calendar. It has 31 days. Traditionally, this month is considered as summer month.


As per the Hindu calendar Ashadha is the fourth month. This is a rainy season month.


Shravan month is the 5th month of the Hindu calendar. Hindus considerer this month as holy month. Many people fast in this month and worship God and Goddesses.


Bhadrapada is the 6th month in the lunar religious calendar of Hindus. This month is very special for Hindus as people celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Bhadrapada.


Aswayuja is another name for Ashvin month. This is the 7th month in Hindu calendar. This month has many important days and celebrations such as Navaratri and Durga Pooja in Hinduism culture.


Karthik is the 8th month. In this month people celebrate Kartik poornima. It means, full moon day in the Kartik. This month welcomes many Hindu festivals such as Diwali.


It is the 9th month in Hindu calendar. This is the month of Vaikuntha Ekadashi celebration for Hindus.


This is the 10th month and winter month as per Hindu calendar. This month corresponds with January month of English calendar.


Month number 11 is Magha. This month is named Magha because in this month the moon is found nearby the “Magha” star cluster.


Phalguna is the last and the 12th month in the Hindu Calendar. Hindus celebrate Holi and Shigmo that are famous Indian festivals in this month.

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I hope now you have gained more clarity about Hindu months and the significant days in each month.