Where is the Hindu temple of Atlanta? What are the timings? What is the history of Hindu temple of Atlanta?

In my current blog, I’m going to address all these valid questions related to Hindu temple of Atlanta. So, get more information while visiting the temple.

Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Hindu temple of Atlanta is a very beautiful temple in Dravidian style architecture. The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful at the temple and surroundings.

Hindu temple of Atlanta is in the US. Here 2 main temples are located. So, here you can visit Lord Balaji temple and Lord Shiva temple.

In the year 1984, October the Hindu temple of Atlanta was incorporated. Some like minded Hindu people came together and raised funds and donations to build the temple in Georgia. 

Hindu Temple of Atlanta Timings

Hindu temple of Atlanta timing is between 9 am and 9 pm. You can visit Balaji temple and Shiva temple between morning 9 o’clock and night 9 o’clock. This is open on all days of the week including weekends.

Nitya pooja (Daily ritual worship) timing of Shiva Temple is at 9:30 am during weekdays. Nitya pooja timing of Balaji temple is at 10 am during weekdays.

Hindu Temple of Atlanta Address

The temple is located at Riverdale, Georgia, US.

Exact location and Address-


5851, GA HWY 85


Other Hindu Deities at the Temple of Balaji and Shiva

At Balaji Hindu temple of Atlanta the main worshiping deity is Lord Venkateshwara. But along with that you can see other Hindu deities-



At Shiva temple the primary worshiping idol is Lord Ramalingeshwara. But you can also find other Hindu deities here-

Lord Ganesha
Lord Subramanya, Valli & Devasena
Kala Bhairava
Jnana Saraswathi
Kanyaka Parmeswari

Hindu Temple of Atlanta Pooja Items

It’s not compulsory to bring pooja items while visiting Hindu temple of Atlanta. However, you can bring some of the common items that Hindus use while worshiping God.

Pooja items-
Kumkum powder
Turmeric powder
Flowers and garlands

About Canteen and Food at Atlanta Temple

Indian style food and snacks are available at the canteen in Hindu temple of Atlanta.

Hindu Temple of Atlanta Calendar

Calendar of Hindu temple of Atlanta includes all Hindu festival dates, sunrise timing, nakshatra names etc. This calendar is known as Panchang.

Services at Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Other than daily pooja, the temples offer many services. 

Let me list some of the main services and functions below-

Weddings at Hindu temple of Atlanta
Upanayanam (Thread ceremony)
Hindu temple of Atlanta hair offering
Death ceremony rituals of Hindus
Funeral ceremony as per Hindu rituals
Baby shower
Satyanarayana pooja
60th and 80th birthday according to Hindu tradition

Dress Code for Visiting HTA, GA

You can wear modest clothing while visiting the HTA. For women long shirts, dresses and long pants are allowed. For men the dress code is – Business or casual clothes.

Note: In Hindu Temple of Atlanta shorts and short skirts are NOT allowed.

Hindu Temple of Atlanta Priests

There are senior as well as young priests at Hindu temple of Atlanta who practice religious activities.

Let me share about some priests of HTA-

Chief Priest


Sri Gopal Bhattar

Head Priest


Sri Srinivasa Sarma Adarasupally



Sri Pavan Kumar Kristapati



Sri Ravi Shankar Boggaram



Sri Murali Krishna Parasaram



Sri Sivanaga Kumar Dusi



Sri Govardhanam Krishnamacharyulu



Sri Sunil Kumar Durgaraju



Sri Vedavyasacharyulu Nallan



Sri Bharath Yaddhanapudi



Sri Subramanyam (MKS)



Are there temples in Georgia?

Yes, there are many Hindu temples in Georgia which are so popular. Hindu Temple of Atlanta is one of the best temples that is located at RIVERDALE, Georgia.

When was Hindu Temple of Atlanta built?

In the year 1984, October the Hindu Temple of Atlanta was built.


I hope now you have come to know about all the necessary details that you needed about Hindu Temple of Atlanta. Share your experience about visiting HTA with me in the comments below.