Many people get confused what to gift on a wedding of loved ones. So, here I would like to share some beautiful Hindu wedding gift ideas.

Wedding gifts should create a new memory and a bond. Make sure to choose a meaningful present.

Hindu Wedding Gift Ideas

10 BEST Hindu Wedding Gift Ideas

Let’s see the list of marriage gifts for new couples.


Hindu Traditional Clothes Are Beautiful Marriage Gifts

Gifting traditional and beautiful sarees is the tradition in Hindu culture. There are variety of designing sarees that you can gift to a bride.

For grooms, you can gift Indian Traditional attire for men like – Sherwani.


Jewellery Gifting is Evergreen Idea in Hindu Culture

jewellery items are a part of marriages in Hindu culture. Be it to a bride or to a groom, gifting a jewellery is convenient gift.

You can select a budget friendly jewellery piece. For a bride you can get jewellary options such as – bangles, anklet, bracelet, earrings etc. For a groom, you can present bracelet, pendant etc.


Gift Diya Set to Brightens the Life of Hindu Couples

Diya sets are very beautiful gift. There are so many designs are available in diya sets.

You can gift one particular diya lightening set or you can combine it with by adding some scented candles as well. Let newly wedded couple lit up a bright light in their life with your gifts.


Gold or Silver Coins are The Best Wedding Gifts for Hindus

Gifting gold or silver coins to new couples is considered as one of the best wedding gifts. You can get so many options in such coins like – Lord Ganesha Gold/Silver Coin, Goddess Laxmi coins etc.

Also, in Hinduism Gold is considered as the metal that emits positivity. So, gifting silver or gold coins with imprint of Hindu God or Goddess is a blessing for new couples.


Gift the Hindu Home Decoration Items for Newly Married Couples

Home decoration items are almost everyone’s favourite. Also, your friends and relatives are going to love home decoration things if you gift them.

Be it Rangoli stickers or wall hangings, there are enormous options in home decors while gifting.


Idols of Hindu God and Goddess are Best Suitable Gifts for Hindu Couples

Hindu people worship different Gods and Goddesses. You can select the idols of Hindu god to gift a couple on their wedding day.

You can either give a showcase piece idol or you can even present a small sized gold or silver idols.


Hindu Pooja (Worshipping) Related Gifts

On the special occasions like marriage, you can gift pooja related gifts.

There are many different gift options in this category. You can either gift pooja thali or you can present pooja kalash.


Kitchen Appliances Are the Useful Wedding Gifts for New Couples

As couples are about to start their new life, gifting kitchen appliances help them a lot.

There are n number of kitchen appliances from which you can choose any one to gift. Let me share some of the options here- breakfast maker machine, oven, refrigerator, etc.


Gifting Family Photo Frames Never Get Old Fashioned

Marriage not just connects two persons but it connects two different families. Gifting a family photo frame is so adorable present for a couple.

Especially, it will touch women as women leave their home and joins a new family. So, gifting her family photo is something that she loves to receive.


Hindu Holy Books Can Be Gifted to Couples Who Love Reading

Bhagavad Gita book is the best gift for all the occasions including Hindu wedding. As many people love reading different books like self-help books, you can gift Bhagavad Gita to them.

Bhagavad Gita is a philosophy and helps in understanding life in a better way. So, you can gift it.

I hope now you liked these Hindu wedding gifting ideas. Feel free to add more ideas to my list by commenting below.