Modern Hindu baby boy names are meaningful as well as look cool.

In my current blog, I’m sharing the top modern Hindu names for baby boys that are most suitable for your newborn.

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names

257 Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names

Select a beautiful name for your baby boy-

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning
Advaith Non duality
Ahnay As bright as the Sun
Archis Hope
Arihant Conqueror
Arni Power
Arth Significant
Asvin Mounting on horses
Aatreya Clever or sage
Aakesh Lord of the Sky
One who shows compassion to everyone
Aadiv Delicate
Adhrit Supportive
Abhik Brave or fearless
Aakil Clever
Aahan Sunrise
Aakarsh Attractive
Acchutan Lord Vishnu
Aakav Form
Aadavan The sun
Abhisumat Radiant
Aadhira Moon
Akarsh Something that is divine
Someone who is brimming with wisdom
Anum Blessing of god
Aniruddh Boundless
Aayansh The first Ray of light
Aarnik Unique
Akshaj Lord Vishnu
Anvit One who leads
Aayod Giver of life
Repreaents 5 elements – fire, water, air, wind, and void.
Binoy Humble
Bhavin Common man
Bhavatu Praise The Lord
Bodhi Awakening or enlightenment
Bhadrak Handsome
Baren Lord Indra
Bipula Abundant
Bidyut Thunder
Bhargava Radiant being
Bandhul Charming
A place where the crop Barley was once grown
Bhasvan Brightness
Chitin Intelligent
Chitvan To meditate
Chak Shine
Chinnaiyan Prince
Chaitya Temple
One who is perceptive and is known to make the right decisions
Chandranshu Ray of Moon
Chinmay Knowledgeable

Latest Modern Names for Hindu Boys

Choosing the latest name for a baby boy becomes easy for you when you see the list of new Hindu names.

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning
Chayan to choose in preference to another
Chintan Contemplate
Chirag Lamp
Cheran King of Kerala
Chatura Intellectual
Chaitanya Energy
Chaayan The moon
Charan Feet
Chakshan Good looking
Chakresh Lord Vishnu
Darshit To pay respect
Dharv Satisfaction
Dhrsita Brave and bold
Divnesh The Sun
Dhrishnu Son of Manu
Divit Someone who has conquered death.
Devashish One who is blessed by the Gods
Deepit Divine Poet
Dravina Abundance
Dipesh God of Light
Devrat Spiritually inclined
Dhanvin Lord Shiva
Dhanraj Ruler of Wealth
Divyant Beautiful
Dyansh Be forgiving
Dugant Horizon
Dhruv The Pole Star
Dhira Fearless
Devansh Someone who is a part of God
Devaj Birthed from the Gods
Dravya Liquid
Someone who can recognize evil and stays away from it
Divit Immortal
Devyan Serving the Gods
Dhrishnu Son of Manu
Dhir Patience
Eshaan Lord Shiva
Eshar Blessed
Ehan Expectations
Edhas Happiness
Ekatan Focused
Ekdak Similar in appearance
Ekanjeet God’s Triumph
Two persons’ light manifesting in a baby
Ehimay All pervasive
Ehit Ever smiling
Faneendra Lord Shiva
Fanishwar God of Serpents
Falgu Lovely
Gaveshan researcher
Grahish Lord of the planets
Geet Song or poetry
Ganak Future intellectuals
Gaman In the journey of undergoing
GopalDas The servant of Lord Krishna
Gunav One with good character

Select the Latest Hindu Name for Your Male Baby

Refer the list below that includes meaningful Hindu names for boys.

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning
Goral One who is loved
Galav The bark of a lotus tree
Gupil Secret
Garg It is the name of a saint
Gaurav Pride or honour
Gana Tribe
Gahan Someone who had deep thoughts
Harshil Happy
Himaksh Lord Shiva
Hiresh King of gems
Hansh Someone who is Godlike
Harshit Filled happiness or joy
Hariaksh Lord Shiva
Hemendra Golden God
Hemish God of the Earth
Harjas Praise of the God
Harishva The rare name of Lord Shiva
Harikiran Rays of God
A being who thinks good regarding everyone
Hriday Heart
Harin Purity
Himaghna The Sun
Harsha Happiness
Hemdev God of riches
Hariraj Ruler of the Lions
Hemant The Beginning of Winter
Hiran Gold
Hrudaya Love
Hanshit Like honey
Hanvesh Soft mind
Hrishul Happiness
Hemil Gold
Indranil Name for Lord Shiva
Idhayan Joy of heart

Best Modern Names for Baby Boys in Hindu

Choose the pretty yet meaningful name for you son that reflect the good qualities.

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning
Pravir Brave
Pransh Who is full of life
Priyadarshan That is nice to look at
Pravasthik All-rounder
Pinank Lord Shiva
Parthik Pure
Romik Interesting and pleasant
Someone who is in search of something
Reyansh First ray of light
Rujul Honest
Rithul One who seeks the truth
Rathik The rider of the chariot
Rakshan The protector of preservation
Rishab Someone with a high moral compass
Rivaan Star
Used to signify a place that is close to heaven or Ayodhya
Sharvil Lord Krishna
Siddh Fact
Swapnil One who appears in dreams
Sanyam Patience
Sarin Helpful
Shrut Lord Shiva
Sahil Beach or shore
Shlok Song or metered phrase
Shrutin One who has heard
Shivin Lord Shiva
Shravas Prestige
Shriyukt Fortunate
Spandan Sound of heart beat
Sarvin Victory
Sriansh Part of Lord Vishnu
Tanay Son
Tanmay Slender
Tarun Young or tender
Tavish Strong
Tarush Conqueror
Utpal A water Lilly that is blossoming
Uttam The best
Umang Enthusiasm
Ulhas Delight
Udai Rise up
Urjit Powerful
Utkarsh Awakening
Ujesh Conquering
Viksya Someone who is astonishing
Viaan Someone who is full of life and energy
Vaydish Lord of Vedas
The best or one who strives for excellence
Viswaroopin Appear in various forms
Vijna Wise or intelligent
Vehant Wisdom
Yakshit Almighty God
Yash Success or glory
Yashpal Protector of fame
Yadvik Unique
Yashvan Winner

As now you have the list of modern Hindu baby boy names, take your own time to finalize the best name. I would love to know from you that which name you liked the most.