Nakshatra Names in Hindu culture have their own importance.

Be it naming a newborn baby or understand astrology, in Hinduism the names of Nakshatra have the significant role.

Nakshatra Names

27 Nakshatra Names in Hinduism

Let us see what are the names of 27 Nakshatras along with their meaning in English.

Nakshatra Names in English

Nakshatra are basically the names of birth stars.

Nakshatra Names Meaning
1. Ashvini Horse like woman
2. Bharani The bearer
3. Krittika/Krithika The Cutter
4. Rohini Red faced One
5. Mrigashirsha The deer’s head
6. Ardra Moist One
7. Punarvasu Restoring goods
8. Pushya Nourishing
9. Ashlesha The embracer
10. Magha The wealthy one
11. Purva Phalguni Earlier reddish one
12. Uttara Phalguni Latter reddish one
13. Hasta The hand
14. Chitra The bright one
15. Swati Sword or Independence
16. Vishakha Forked (having branches)
17. Anuradha Disciple of divine spark
18. Jyeshtha The eldest
19. Mula The root
20. Purva Ashadha Previous invincible one
21. Uttara Ashadha Latter invincible one
22. Shravana The audible
23. Dhanishtha The richest one
24. Shatabhisha Hundred healers
25. Purva Bhadrapada Former blessed feet
26. Uttara Bhadrapada Latter blessed feet
27. Revati The wealthy

How Many Nakshatras are there in Hinduism?

27 Nakshatras are there in Hinduism.

What Nakshatra Means?

Nakshatra is a Sanskrit word. It is the combination of two words- ‘Nak’ means sky and ‘Shetra’ means an area.

Is Nakshatra Same as Birth Star?

Yes. Nakshatra is a birth start. Both of them are same.

Why Nakshatra is Important?

Nakshatra is important in Hindu culture because Hindus believe that the Nakshatras are the place where the outcome of our actions (Karma) are transferred and saved.

Also, according to Hindu beliefs, the birth star helps to understand personality traits of a person.

I hope now you have come to know about the 27 Nakshatra names as per Hinduism and their meaning. Well, you can also know about which zodiac signs are connected with the each birth star.