108 Names of Goddess Parvati are sacred and meaningful. In Hinduism 108 is considered a sacred number.

Here I’m going to share 108 names of Hindu Goddess Parvati with their meanings.

Names of Goddess Parvati

108 Names of Goddess Parvati in Hinduism

Each name of Parvati has a deeper and pure meaning. In Hinduism, baby girls can be named with these names.

Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘A’

Get the Hindu names of Goddesses that start with the alphabet ‘A’.

1. Aadya – The Initial reality or the first power. Name Aadya means one who is excellent and primaeval.
2. Agnijwala – This is a beautiful name of Parvati with the meaning ‘fire’.
3. Apraudha – One who is ever youth and never gets old.
4. Ameyaa – Unable to measure or extremely deep that can’t be measured.
5. Aarya – This is another name of Goddess Parvati. Aarya means a noble lady.
6. Aparna – Aparna basically means a leafless person. That means the one who does not consume even a leaf as food during fasting with devotion.
7. Abhavya – It means, improper or fear caused by being powerful.
8. Aeindri – The meaning of Aeindri is the power of God Indra.
9. Ahankaara – One with a full of pride
10. Ananta – One who is limitless or never-ending is called Ananta.
11. Ananta – Boundless person
12. Anekashastrahasta – The God who has many hand weapons to eliminate badness or evil.
13. AnekastraDhaarini – Possessor of many missile weapons as a Goddess
14. Anekavarna – One who has many complexions or colours.

Hindu Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘B’

15. Bhavini – The meaning of the name Bhavini is- a beautiful woman
16. Bhavya – Magnificence
17. Bhavaprita – One person who is loved by all in the universe
18. Bhavani – The home of the universe is known as Bhavani.
19. Bahula – One who has many or various forms
20. Bahulaprema – The one who is adorable and loved by all.
21. Balaprada – The name reflects strength.
22. Bhavya – Representing future or the one who is the future
23. Bhadrakaali – The form of the Hindu Goddess Kaali
24. Bhavamochani – The one who is the absolver of the whole universe
25. Braahmi – Power of the Hindu God Brahma
26. Brahmavaadini – Someone who is present everywhere
27. Buddhi – It means intelligence
28. Buddhida – The giver of wisdom

Beautiful Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘C’

29. Chitra – The bright picture
30. Chandaghanta – mighty bells
31. Chamunda – The destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda
32. Chiti – This name means ‘The thinking mind’
33. ChandaMundaVinashini – The Goddess who destroyed Chanda and Munda
34. Chinta – Tension or stress
35. Chita – Death-bed is known as Chita
36. Chittarupa – Being thoughtful or the one who is in a thought state

Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘D’

37. Durga – Invincible and impassable
38. Devamata – Someone who is the Mother Goddess
39. Dakshakanya – It means the daughter of the King Daksha
40. Dakshayajnavinaashini – Interrupter of the sacrifice of the King Daksha

41. Ekakanya – The meaning of this name is ‘a girl child’

42. Gyaana – Full of Knowledge or an immense knowledge
43. Ghorarupa – Having a fierce outlook towards life

44. Jalodari – Abode of the ethereal universe
45. Jaya – The Victorious or the triumphant

Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘K’ Alphabet

46. Kriya – Action
47. Kaalaratri – Black colour Goddess who is as black as the night
48. Kaishori – An adolescent female
49. Katyayani – The one who is worshipped by sage Katyanan
50. Kalamanjiiraranjini – One who is wearing a musical anklet
51. Karaali – The Violent and agressive
52. Kaumaari – The adolescent and an unmarried female
53. Komaari – The beautiful adolescent woman
54. Krrooraa – Brutal on demons

55. Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth and money

Goddess Parvati Names Starting With ‘M’

56. Maaheshvari – Power of Lord Shiva
57. Maatangi – The Goddess of Matanga
58. Matangamunipujita – Worshipped by the Sage Matanga
59. Mahodari – Keeping the universe in her huge belly
60. MadhuKaitabhaHantri – The goddess who destroyed the demons Madhu and Kaitabha
61. Mahaabala – Strength
62. Mahatapa – Penance
63. Manah – Mind
64. Muktakesha – One whose tresses are opened
65. Mahishasura Mardini – Destroyer of the demon Mahishasura

Names of Parvati with ‘N’

66. Narayani – The sister of Lord Narayana (Brahma)
67. Nitya – Eternal
68. NishumbhaShumbhaHanani – Slayer of the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha

Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘P’

69. Parameshvari – The Ultimate Goddess
70. Pratyaksha – The real
71. Paatala – Red colour
72. Paatalavati – The one who is wearing a red colour attire
73. Pinaakadharini – One who holds the trident (Trishul) of the Lord Shiva
74. Pattaambaraparidhaana – Wearing a dress or an attire made up of leather
75. Praudha – The one who is old
76. Parvati- She of the mountain
77. Purushaakriti – The Goddess who takes the form of a man

Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘R’

78. Ratnapriya – Adorned or loved by jewels
79. Raudramukhi – One who has a fierce face like destroyer Rudra

Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘S’

80. Saadhvi – Sanguine or optimistic
81. Sarvavidya – Knowledgeable
82. Savitri – (Parvati) The daughter of the Sun God Savitr
83. Sundari – Gorgeous woman
84. Shooldharini – Someone who holds a monument
85. Sadagati – Always in motion and someone who gives salvation
86. Sarvaastradhaarini – Possessor of all the missile tools to destroy evil
87. Sarvadaanavaghaatini – Possessing the power and who is capable of destroying demons
88. Sarvamantramayi – Goddess who possess all the instruments of thought
89. Sarvashaastramayi – One who is deft in all theories
90. Sarvavahanavahana – The one who can ride all vehicles
91. Sati – A woman who got burned alive is called as ‘Sati’
92. Satta – Satta means the power or the one who is above all
93. Satya – The truth, reality
94. Satyanandasvarupini – An Eternal bliss
95. Shaambhavi – Consort or companion of Shambhu
96. Shivadooti – Ambassador of Lord Shiva
97. Sursundari – Woman who is extremely beautiful

98. Tapasvini – A woman who is engaged in penance
99. Trinetra – Someone who has three eyes

Goddess Parvati Names Starting with ‘V’ and ‘Y’

100. Vandurga – Goddess of forests
101. Vimalauttkarshini – Providing joy
102. Vishnumaya – Spell of Lord Vishnu
103. Vaarahini – One who rides on Varaah
104. Vaishnavi – The Goddess who is invincible
105. Vikrama – Violent
106. Vriddhamaata – The meaning of this name is Old Mother
107. Yuvati – A woman who is young
108. Yati – Ascetic, someone who renounces the world

Why Does Goddess Parvati Have More than One Name?

Have you ever thought that why does goddess has many names in Hinduism? Well, Goddess like Parvati had many incarnations in which Hindus believe.

Due to incarnations of Godesess, the Hindu gods and goddesses have many names. And also the names describe the qualities of the God and Goddesses in Hinduism.

For example, Ananta is another name of Goddess Parvati’s. Here the name Ananta describes that Parvati is boundless or limitless.

So, here I’ve shared all the 108 names of Goddess Parvati with their meanings. I hope you have understood all the names.