108 Names of Goddess Saraswati are considered while chanting and this is called ‘Ashtottara Shatanamavali’.

In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped as a goddess of knowledge, art and wisdom. And her qualities are described with 108 names with beautiful meanings.

Here I’m going to share those 108 names of Goddess Saraswati including their meaning.

Names of Goddess Saraswati

108 Names of Goddess Saraswati 

If you understand the meanings of the Sanskrit names of Saraswati then chanting or worshiping it makes you feel more connected. So, let’s see the names and their meanings here.

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘A’ and ‘B’

1. Ambika- The mother goddess

2. Bhama- Someone who is the personification of passion and splendor
3. Bharati- The goddess of speech
4. Bhogada- The one who is the bestower of enjoyment
5. Brahma Vishnu Shivatmika- The soul of Brahma, Visnu and Shiva
6. Brahmagyaneikasadhana- The medium to attain enlightenment
7. Brahmajaya- The wife of God Brahma
8. Brahmi- The power of God Brahma

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘C’

9. Chamunda- She is a destroyer of demons Chanda and Munda
10. Chandika- The fierce one
11. Chandralekha Vibhushita- The woman who is adorned by a digit of the Moon
12. Chandravadana- Beautiful as Moon
13. Chandrika- Bright as Moonlight
14. Chaturananasamarajya- The woman whose Empire is the world created by four-headed God Brahma
15. Chaturvarga Phalaprada- Someone who bestows retribution to the four sections of society
16. Chitragandha- The woman whose fragrance is variegated
17. Chitramalya Vibhushita- The one who is adorned with variegated flowers
18. Chitrambara- Whose clothes are variegated

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘D’

19. Devi- The Goddess
20. Dhumralochana-mardana- The Goddess who destroyed the Demon Dhumralochana
21. Divyalankarabhushita- She is adorned by divine ornaments
22. Divyanga- having divine limbs

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘G’, ‘H’ and ‘J’

23. Gomati- A place with herds of wows
24. Govinda- The protector of Cows
25. Gyanamudra- Someone who sits in the meditation posture

26. Hamsasana- Whose seat is of swan

27. Jatila- Someone who has matted hairs

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘K’

28. Kaalaratri- She is the night of the deluge
29. Kaamaprada- Bestows desires
30. Kaanta- Beautiful
31. Kaladhara- Support of artistry
32. Kamarupa- The one who takes various forms as desired

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘M’

33. Mahabala- whose strength is supreme
34. Mahabhadra- Who is supremely auspicious
35. Mahabhadra- The one who is is supremely auspicious
36. Mahabhaga- Whose luck is great
37. Mahabhoga- By whom great enjoyment is being caused
38. Mahabuja- Someone whose arms are great
39. Mahakali- The goddess of time and death
40. Mahakara- Her form is supreme
41. Mahamaya- Who has a great illusion
42. Mahankusha- Whose stick (Goad) is eminent
43. Mahapasha- Someone whose noose is eminent
44. Mahapatakanashini- The destroyer of fallen-beings
45. Mahaphala- Who is the Greatest Retribution
46. Mahashraya- Who is the supreme refuge
47. Mahavidya- She has great knowledge
48. Mahotsaha- Whose strength is supreme
49. Malini- Who has a garland
50. Mundakaya praharana- The dispeller of Muṇda

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘N’

51. Neelabhuja- Blue coloured arms
52. Neelajangha- Who has blue thighs
53. Niranjana- Who is dispassionate

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘P’

54. Padmakshi- Her eyes are like lotus
55. Padmalochana- The woman whose eyes are like lotus
56. Padmanilaya- Whose home is in a lotus flower
57. Padmavaktraga- Whose face is like a lotus flower
58. Para- Beyond everything
59. Pustakadhruta- Someone who is holding a book

Hindu Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘R’

60. Raktabijanihantri- Slayer of Raktabīja
61. Raktamadhya- Source of all power
62. Rama- Enticing
63. Roopa Soubhagyadayini- The giver of beauty and good fortune

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘S’

64. Saraswati – The goddess of knowledge and intelligence
65. Sarvadevastuta- The one who praised by all gods and goddesses
66. Sarvatmika- She is the soul of everyone
67. Saudamini- Whose resplendence is like lightening
68. Savitri- Ray of light
69. Shastraroopini- She is the treatises personified
70. Shiva- Who delivers liberation or enlightenment
71. Shivanuja- The younger sibling of Lord Shiva
72. Shreepada- Bestows wealth
73. Shubhadaa- Who bestows auspicious
74. Shumbhasura-Pramathini – Who tormented the demon Shumbha
75. Shvetasana- Whose seat is white in colour
76. Sita- Who bestows fruits of the earth
77. Soumya- Someone who is gentle and cheerful
78. Subhadra- Extremely beautiful
79. Sudhamurti- Whose form is like nectar
80. Sunasa- She has a beautiful nose
81. Suraasura Namaskruta- Both gods and demons bow to her
82. Surapoojita- she is worshipped by gods
83. Surasa- Charming
84. Suravandita- Who is adored by the Gods
85. Suvasini- Who fills the whole cosmos with auspiciousness

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘T’

86. Tivra- Whose speed is fast
87. Trayimoorti- Someone who is the Trinity
88. Triguna- Who is the personification of the 3 Gunas-Tamas, Rajas and Sattva
89. Trikalajna- Someone who knows about the past, present and future

Names of Goddess Saraswati Starting With ‘V’

90. Vagdevi- The goddess of speech
91. Vaishnavi- The power of Lord Vishnu
92. Vaishnavi-The shakti of Lord Vishnu
93. Vandya- Who is worthy of worship
94. Varahi- The power of Varaha
95. Varaprada- Bestows boons
96. Vararoha- Elegant
97. Varijasana- Seated on a white lotus flower
98. Vasudha- She is the Earth
99. Vidyadharasupujita- Someone who is well worshipped by knowledge-holders
100. Vidyarupa- The one whose eyes are like lotus
101. Vidyunmala-Who wears a shining garland
102. Vagdevi- She is the Goddess of Speech
103. Vimala- Who is spotless
104. Vindhyachalavirajita- She is seated in Mount Vindhya
105. Vindhyavasa- Whose dwelling place is Mount Vindhya
106. Vinidra- Who is sleepless
107. Vishalakshi- Large-eyed woman
108. Vishwa- Entire cosmos

Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Saraswati Describes Her with Many Names

If you too recite Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Goddess Sarawati then you should know the meaning of each name for better understanding.

Now you know all the 108 names of Goddess Saraswati, who is worshiped by Hindus. You too can understand the meanings that help you if reciting Ashtottara Shatanamavali.