108 Names of Lord Ganesha are used by Hindus while chanting Ashtottara Shatanamavali. In this way, devotees of Lord Ganesha pray with the heart.

The names of Lord Ganesha are meaningful and also show his qualities of him. So, people in Hinduism describe and qualities of their beloved God with love by chanting 108 names.

In my current blog, I’m going to share 108 names of Ganesha with meaning.

108 Names of Lord Ganesha

108 Names of Lord Ganesha in Hinduism

When you understand the meaning of the different names of Lord Ganesha, you can use them well while chanting. Also, you will be able to understand the essence of each name.

Hindu Lord Ganesha Names Starting with ‘A’

I’ve arranged the list of 108 names of Ganesha alphabet-wise. Here you can first find the best names that begin with ‘A’.

1. Avaneesh- The master of the universe
2. Amit- Incomparable
3. Avighna- He is the remover of obstacles
4. Akhuratha- Someone whose chariot is pulled by a mouse
5. Anantachidrupamayam- Someone who is the personification of the infinite consciousness
6. Alampata- Forever eternal

Lord Ganesha Names Starting with ‘B’

7. Balaganapati- Beloved child
8. Bheema- Gigantic
9. Bhupati- The lord of lords
10. Buddhinath- The God of wisdom
11. Bhalchandra- Someone who is moon crested
12. Bhuvanpati- The lord of the heaven
13. Buddhipriya- Someone who bestows knowledge and intellect
14. Buddhividhata- The God of knowledge

15. Chaturbhuj- The four-armed lord

Names of Lord Ganesha Starting with ‘D’

16. Dharmik- Someone who is righteous and charitable
17. Dhoomravarna- The one whose skin is smoke-hued
18. Durja or Doorja- Invincible
19. Devadeva- The lord of lords
20. Devantakanashakarin- Someone who is a destroyer of evils
21. Devavrata- Someone who accepts all penances
22. Devendrashika- The protector of all gods
23. Dvaimatura- He who has two mothers

God Ganesha Names Starting with ‘E’

24. Ekadrishta- Single-focused
25. Ekadanta- Single-tusked
26. Ekaakshara- Someone who is of a single syllable
27. Eshanputra- The son of Shiva

Lord Ganesha Names Starting with ‘G’

28. Gadadhara- The God whose weapon is the mace
29. Gunina- The God of virtues
30. Ganapati- The lord of lords
31. Gajavakra- The trunk of an elephant
32. Gajakarna- Elephantine-ears
33. Gajanana- Elephantine face
34. Gajananeti- Somoonewho has the looks of an elephant
35. Gajavaktra- Someone who has an elephantine mouth
36. Ganadhakshya- The lord of lords
37. Ganadhyakshina- Someone who is the leader of all celestial bodies
38. Gaurisuta- The son of Gauri

Ganesha Names Starting with ‘H’

39. Haridra- Someone who is golden-hued
40. Heramba- Mother’s beloved son

Hindu God Ganesha Names Starting with ‘K’

41. Kirti- The lord of music
42. Kaveesha- He is the lord of poets
43. Kshipra- One who is easy to appease
44. Kapila- Someone who is yellowish brown
45. Kripalu- Merciful god
46. Krishapingaksha: One who has yellowish-brown eyes
47. Kshamakaram- The abode of forgiveness

Beautiful Names of Lord Ganesha Starting with ‘L’

48. Lambakarna- Someone who has large ears
49. Lambodara- Someone who has a big belly

Ganapati or Ganesha Names Starting with ‘M’

50. Mahabala- Someone who is enormously strong
51. Muktidaya- Giver of eternal bliss
52. Mangalamurti- Auspicious Lord
53. Mahaganapati- The supreme lord
54. Manomay- The winner of hearts
55. Mrityuanjaya- The conqueror of death
56. Maheshwaram- Lord of the universe
57. Mundakarama- Someone who is the abode of happiness
58. Musikvahana- The one who rides a mouse

Hindu Names of Lord Ganesha Starting with ‘N’

59. Nideeshwaram- The giver of wealth
60. Nadapratithishta- Someone who appreciates music
61. Namasthetu- Destroyer of sins and evils
62. Nandana- Lord Shiva’s son

63. Omkara- Someone who has the form of ‘Om’

Different Names of Ganesha Names Starting with ‘P’

64. Pramoda- Lord of all abodes
65. Pitambara- He who has yellowish skin
66. Prathameshwara- First among all Gods
67. Purush- Omnipotent personality

Best Ganesha Names Starting with ‘R’

68. Rakta- SOmeone who is blood-hued
69. Rudrapriya- The beloved of Shiva

Top Ganesha Names Starting with ‘S’

70. Sumukha- Someone who has an auspicious face
71. Sarvadevatman- He who accepts all celestial offerings
72. Swaroop- Lover of beauty
73. Shubhagunakanan- He who is the master of all virtues
74. Sarvasiddhanta- Bestower of skills and knowledge
75. Sarvatman- Protector of the universe
76. Shambhavi- Son of Parvati
77. Shashivarnam- One who has a moon-like complexion
78. Shoorpakarna- Someone who is large-eared
79. Shuban- The all auspicious Lord
80. Siddhidhata- He is the bestower of successes and accomplishments
81. Siddhipriya- The giver of boons and wishes
82. Siddhivinayaka- He is the bestower of success
83. Skandapurvaja- Elder of Skanda or Kartikeya
84. Shweta- Pure as the white
85. Sureshwaram- The lord of lords

86. Tarun- Young and ageless

Ganesha Names Starting with ‘U’

87. Uddanda- The nemesis of evils and vices
88. Umaputra- He is the son of Goddess Uma

God Ganesha Names Starting with ‘V’

89. Vishwaraja- King of the world
90. Vidyavaridhi- The God of wisdom
91. Vakratunda- One who has a curved trunk
92. Vighnaraja- Lord of all obstacles
93. Vikat- One who is huge
94. Vinayaka- The supreme lord
95. Varaganapati- Bestower of boons
96. Varaprada- Someone who grants wishes
97. Varadavinayaka- Bestower of success
98. Veeraganapati- The vigorous lord
99. Vighnahara- He is the remover of obstacles
100. Vignaharta- Destroyer of all obstacles
101. Vighnarajendra – He is the Lord of all obstacles
102. Vighnavinashanaya- Destroyer of all obstacles
103. Vigneshwara- Lord of all obstacles
104. Vishwamukha- Master of the universe

Ganesha Names Starting with ‘Y’

105. Yagnakaya- Someone who accepts sacrificial offerings
106. Yashaskaram- He is the bestower of fame and fortune
107. Yashvasin- The beloved and ever-popular lord
108. Yogadhipa- He is the lord of meditation

Why Does Hindu God Ganapati Have 108 Names?

Well, Lord Ganesha is also known as Lord Ganapati. He has 108 different names because the Hindus believe that 108 is the sacred number. So, people use all different names of gods to chant mantras.

Also, the 108 names are just not numbers but they had a deep meaning and also highlight the qualities or features of Lord Ganesha.

Here as I’ve shared all the 108 names of Lord Ganesha, I’m sure now you have understood the beautiful meanings of these names also.