108 names of Lord Shiva are considered sacred names in Hindu culture.

The 108 names of Shiva reflect the qualities of Hindu God Shiva. Devotees love to worship Shiva by chanting his different names.

In my current blog, I’m going to share 108 names of Lord Shiva with a clear meaning of each name.

108 Names of Lord Shiva

108 Names of Lord Shiva in Hinduism

Lord Shiva is a powerful Hindu deity. In Hinduism, parents even love to name their son after God Shiva.

Names of Lord Shiva Starting with ‘A’

Let’s see some best names here.

1. Augadh – One who reveals all the time
2. Adiyogi – The one who is the first Yogi
3. Adinath – The one who is the First Lord
4. Anantadrishti – Who is of infinite vision
5. Aashutosh – He who instantly fulfills all wishes
6. Adiguru – The one who is the first Guru
7. Aja – The one who is Unborn
8. Akshayaguna – The one who has limitless qualities
9. Anagha – The faultless one
10. Avyayaprabhu – Imperishable

Names of Lord Shiva Starting with ‘B’

11. Bholenath – Simple person
12. Bhudeva – He is the Lord of the earth
13. Bhairav – Who is the destroyer of fear
14. Bhooteshwara – He who has mastery over the elements
15. Bhalanetra – One who has an eye on the forehead
16. Bhutapala – He is the protector of the disembodied beings

Unique Names of God Shiva Starting with ‘C’

17. Chandraprakash – One who has moon as a crest
18. Chandrapal – One who is the master of the moon

Hindu Names of God Shiva Starting With ‘D’

19. Devadideva – The god of gods
20. Dayalu – Compassionate
21. Dhanadeepa – Who is the Lord of wealth
22. Durjaya – Unvanquished
23. Dhyanadeep – He is The light of meditation
24. Dhyutidhara – Lord of brilliance
25. Durjaneeya – One who is difficult to be known
26. Digambara – Wears the sky as his raiment

Lord Shiva’s Names Starting with ‘G’ and ‘H’

27. Gurudeva – Someone who is a great Guru
28. Gangadhara – Someone who is the Lord of river Ganga
29. Gunagrahin – He who is the acceptor of gunas
30. Girijapati – The one who is the Consort of Girija

31. Hara – One who removes sins

Hindu God Shiva’s Names Starting with ‘J’

32. Jatin – Who has matted hair
33. Jagadisha – Who is the master of the Universe
34. Jaradhishamana – Someone who is a redeemer from afflictions

Powerful Names of Lord Shiva Starting With ‘K’

35. Kundalin – Someone who wears earrings
36. Kailashnath – Who is the master of Mount Kailash
37. Kantha – Ever radiant
38. Kailas – Who bestows peace
39. Kailashadhipati – Lord of Mount Kailash
40. Kamalakshana – Someone who is Lotus-eyed
41. Kapalin – Someone who wears a necklace of skulls
42. Kochadaiyaan – The God with long dreadlocks

Beautiful Names of Shiva Starting with ‘L’

43. Lokapal – He takes care of the world
44. Lalataksha – Someone who has an eye on the forehead
45. Lingadhyaksha – He is the Lord of the lingas
46. Lokankara – The one who is the creator of the three worlds

Lord Shiva’s Names That Are Starting With ‘M’

47. Mahayogi – The greatest yogi
48. Mahesha – Supreme God
49. Maheshwara – He who is Lord of Gods
50. Mahabuddhi – Someone who has extreme intelligence
51. Mahamrityunjaya – The God who is a great victor of death
52. Mahadeva – The Greatest God
53. Mahanidhi – Great storehouse
54. Mahakala – Someone who is the lord of time
55. Mahamaya – Of great illusions
56. Mahashaktimaya – Boundless energies

Names of Bholenath Starting with ‘N’

57. Nilakantha – The Blue-throated one
58. Nataraja – He who is the King of the art of dancing
59. Nagabhushana – Someone who has serpents as ornaments
60. Nityasundara – Someone who is ever beautiful
61. Nrityapriya – The one who is a lover of Dance

62. Omkara – He is the creator of AUM

Best Names of Lord Shiva Starting With ‘P’

63. Pranava – Originator of the primal sound of AUM
64. Pushkara – Someone who gives nourishment
65. Priyadarshana – Of loving vision
66. Paramjyoti – The greatest splendor
67. Palanhaar – One who protects all
68. Panchatsaran – Vigorous
69. Parameshwara – One who is the first among all gods
70. Pashupati – One who is the Lord of all living beings
71. Pinakin – One who has a bow in his hand
72. Priyabhakta – Favorite of the devotees
73. Pushpalochana – Someone who has eyes like flowers

Lord Shiva’s Different Names Starting With ‘R’

Let’s see some of Mahadev’s unique names.

74. Ravilochana – Having Sun as the eye
75. Rudra – The Roarer

Meaningful Names of Mahadev Starting With ‘S’

76. Swayambhu – Self-created
77. Shrikantha – Pure body
78. Sarvashiva – Eternal Lord
79. Sarveshwara – Lord of All
80. Sadashiva – The Transcended one
81. Sarvatapana – Preceptor of All
82. Shambho – Auspicious
83. Shreshhtha – Always pure
84. Sanatana – He who is the eternal God
85. Sarvacharya – Supreme teacher
86. Sarvayoni – Always pure
87. Shankara – Lord of All Gods
88. Shantah – Peaceful God
89. Shoolin – Someone who has a trident
90. Shrutiprakasha – Illuminator of the Vedas
91. Skandaguru – Perceptor of Skanda
92. Someshwara – He who is the Lord of the Moon
93. Sukhada – Someone who gives the joy

Powerful Names of Mahadev Starting With ‘T’

94. Tejaswani – Spreads illumination
95. Tripurari – Destroyer of the “Tripur” (the three planets created by Evils)
96. Trilochana – Three-eyed God
97. Trishoolin – Someone who holds a trident in his hands
98. Trilokpati – Master of all the three worlds

99. Umapati – Consort of Uma

Mahadev Names that Start with ‘V’

100. Vedakarta – Originator of the Vedas
101. Vishwanath – Master of the Universe
102. Veerabhadra – Supreme Lord of the Nether World
103. Vishalaksha – Wide-eyed God
104. Vishveshwara – Lord of the Universe
105. Vachaspati – Lord of Speech
106. Vajrahasta – Someone who has a thunderbolt in his hands
107. Varada – He is the granter of Boons
108. Vrishavahana – Someone who has the bull as his vehicle

Why Does Lord Shiva Have 108 Names?

Lord Shiva is a Hindu God and he has 108 different names because in Hinduism it’s a sacred number. You can see that almost all the Hindu gods and goddesses have 108 names.

Also as a devotee, you can recite 108 names of lord Shiva better when you know the meaning of each name.