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In Hinduism, Rig Veda is a sacred texts that are originally written in Sanskrit language. But here I have shared the quotes in English. You can think positively and give a good direction to your thought by reading these Rig Veda Quotes.

Rig Veda Quotes

61 Rig Veda Quotes

Let’s see inspiring Rig Veda Quotes on Karma and Life

1. If a person becomes a fatalist and does not perform actions he shall literally acquire nothing. – Rig Veda

2. An ignorant person can never attain knowledge unless the flame of knowledge is enkindled in his mind. – Rig Veda

3. One should offer oblation to his own body and nurture it well. – Rig Veda

4. One should, perform karma with nonchalance without expecting the benefits because sooner of later one shall definitely gets the fruits. – Rig Veda

5. Only the scholars are capable of judging the limits of a man’s knowledge and his true worth. – Rig Veda

6. Only by indulging in good deeds can one expect good results. – Rig Veda

7. One should constantly strive to acquire knowledge and by doing so one shall be praised and respected amongst by scholars. – Rig Veda

8. One has to be humble if he desires to acquire knowledge. – Rig Veda

9. Those who exchange ideas, views and knowledge can never be harmed by anyone. – Rig Veda

10. Knowledge is the most important thing without which one can not achieve his goal. – Rig Veda

11. Once you have mastered it then you become capable of controlling the world. – Rig Veda

12. The non-existent was not the existent was not at that time. The atmosphere was not nor the heavens which are beyond. What was concealed Where In whose protection Was it water An unfathomable abyss. – Rig Veda

13. There was neither death nor immortality then. There was not distinction of day or night. That alone breathed windless by its own power. Other than that there was not anything else. – Rig Veda

14. Why shall he perform bad Karma who has been properly nurtured for many a thousand months and years. – Rig Veda

15. Those, who owe allegiance to truth are called great and exalted souls. – Rig Veda

16. All good, intellectual people come together at one place and try to bring harmony by means of exchange of thoughts and ideas. When all of them unite they progress rapidly and attain their aims. The external forces cannot harm them in any way.  – Rig Veda

17. Fire is born from wood (as two sticks are rubbed together), but then devours its parents. – Rig Veda

18. When something is thought of it can then be desired. – Rig Veda

19. People accept only that person as their leader who is radiant with good knowledge and karma (deeds). – Rig Veda

20. Lack of faith, treachery, arguments and animosity only breed malevolence. It is in the best interest of all to avoid this and tread on the path of progress. – Rig Veda

21. Even God blesses only those who are contemplative, intelligent and the protectors of the weak. – Rig Veda

22. Knowledge brings power. – Rig Veda

23. Intelligence is the mightiest and nothing is beyond its reach. – Rig Veda

24. The one who is first and possessed of wisdom when born the god who strove to protect the gods with strength the one before whose force the two worlds were afraid because of the greatness of his virility, he, O people, is Indra. – Rig Veda

25. Only a person having trusted and worthy friend’s lives and dwells in happiness on this earth. – Rig Veda

26. May there be unison in the speech and action of humans. Only by this shall, unity emerge and serve each others purpose. The nation shall emerge stronger and mightier because of this.  – Rig Veda

27. One whose mind is pure and chaste, and who works incessantly all the desires of his heart are fulfilled. – Rig Veda

28. Only a good intellect can orient towards good work. – Rig Veda

29. Only such a householder who practices restraint in taking care of his family shall acquire family happiness and achieve higher social status. – Rig Veda

30. We should tread on the path of knowledge and attain growth and progress. – Rig Veda

31. One should always seek company of intelligent and the person with purity of thought. – Rig Veda

32. The one whom the two lines of battle, coming together, call upon separately, the nearer and the farther, both foes even the two who have mounted the same chariot call upon him individually, he, O people, is Indra. – Rig Veda

33. One who talks sweet, spend all their days in happiness. – Rig Veda

34. One gets good and bad results according to the good and bad deeds performed. – Rig Veda

35. During times of war it is the responsibility of every citizen to inspire the valiant to engage them in war. One should avoid waiting for invitation. One should always be ready to strive for welfare of others. This is the path of truth itself. – Rig Veda

36. If men of knowledge, men of power and men of wealth come together and there is no difference of opinion among them, then the nation is bound to prosper. – Rig Veda

37. Charity gives a deep sense of self-satisfaction. – Rig Veda

38. Knowledge is also the giver of wealth or rather wealth is the by-product of knowledge. – Rig Veda

39. Thought gives rise to desire. – Rig Veda

40. Just as the Sun is respected for providing heat and energy to the world, in the same manner you too can attain respect in this world by acquiring knowledge. – Rig Veda

41. One should performed karma for the benefit of humanity with an unbiased approach because bias gives birth to evil, which creates thousands of obstacles in our path. – Rig Veda

42. Sages discovered this link of the existent to the nonexistent, having searched in the heart with wisdom. – Rig Veda

43. The person, who imparts knowledge also gives numerous added advantages. – Rig Veda

44. Sing the song of celestial love, O singer! May the divine fountain of eternal grace and joy enter your soul. May Brahma, (the Divine One), Pluck the strings of your inner soul with His celestial fingers, And feel His own presence within. Bless us with a divine voice That we may tune the harp-strings of our life To sing songs of Love to you. – Rig Veda

45. Even though we may try to hide the truth, it cannot be concealed. – Rig Veda

46. Truth is one; sages call it by various names. – Rig Veda

47. The morning is not stationary or static. The freshness of morning gives us energy. The atmosphere is peaceful and it is easy for the mind to concentrate. – Rig Veda

48. Those who are active shun the company of lethargic. – Rig Veda

49. One ruins the mind if he or she indulges in bad deeds and ends up in misery. – Rig Veda

50. When pleased, gift wealth to the worthy ones, who performs good deeds. – Rig Veda

51. The stupid due to his ignorance runs away from scholars. – Rig Veda

52. Good people avoid the company of bad people. – Rig Veda

53. May all nurture their children and grand children properly and be blessed with 100 years of healthy life. – Rig Veda

54. The person who is enthusiastic attains everything through hard work and efforts. He can subdue all his enemies. – Rig Veda

55. One should always ensure a pure environment while making food. One should never prepare food with dirty hands. This could lead to a number of ailments and make the body weak. – Rig Veda

56. Let the stronger man give to the man whose need is greater; let him gaze upon the lengthening path of life. For riches roll like the wheels of a chariot, turning from one to another. – Rig Veda

57. The human body is the temple of God. One who kindles the light of awareness within gets true light. The sacred flame of your inner shrine is constantly bright. The experience of unity is the fulfillment of human endeavors. The mysteries of life are revealed. – Rig Veda

58. An egotist can never be humble that is why he is seldom blessed even by god. – Rig Veda

59. The leader is very meticulous and is disciplined. Such a person is definitely worth respecting and praising. – Rig Veda

60. Go hence, O Death, pursue thy special pathway apart from that which gods wont to travel. To thee I say it who hast eyes and hearest: touch not our offspring, injure not our heroes. –  Rig Veda

61. Ego is the biggest enemy of humans. – Rig Veda

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