What are 12 Rashis? What are the signs and meaning of these Rashis in Hindu culture?

These are the basic question that many people have in their mind who are curious to know about Rashis.

What are 12 Rashis

What are 12 Rashis?

12 Rashis are the 12 names of zodiacs in Hindu astrology. Basically, Rashis are the areas in the sky.

12 Names of Rashis with Meaning

Let’s see what are the names of 12 Rashis-

Rashi Names Meaning of Rashis in English
1. Mesha Aries
2. Rishaba Taurus
3. Mithuna Gemini
4. Kataka Cancer
5. Simha Leo
6. Kanya Virgo
7. Tula Libra
8. Vrishchika Scorpio
9. Dhanus Sagittarius
10. Makara Capricorn
11. Kumbha Aquarius
12. Meena Pisces

What is Mesha Rashi?

Mesha rashi is the 1st zodiac sign in the Hindu culture. The animal ram or sheep is the symbol of mesha rashi.

What is Rishaba or Vrishabha Rashi?

Rishabha or Vrishabha rashi is the second zodiac sign in as per Hindu astrology. In English it is known as Taurus. The symbol for this rashi is a bull.

What is Mithuna Rashi?

Mithuna rashi is the 3rd zodiac in the Hindu astrology. The twin women is the symbol for Mithuna rashi. In English it is known as Gemini.

What is Kataka Rashi?

Kataka is the 4th zodiac sign. This is also known as Karka or Karkatha. And known as Cancer in English. The crab is the animal symbol for Kataka rashi.

What is Simha Rashi?

The 5th Rashi in the Hindu zodiac signs is Simha. This means, Leo. The Lion is the animal symbol for this rashi.

What is Kanya Rashi?

Kanya is the 6th zodiac sign in the Hinduism. Kanya means, a girl. As the name represents, a woman is a symbol for Kanya rasi.

What is Tula Rashi?

The 7th zodiac sign in Hinduism is Tula. In western culture this is known as Libra. The Scales is the symbol of Tula Rashi. That means balance and justice.

What is Vrishchika Rashi?

Vrishchika is the 8th zodiac sign. This means, Scorpio. So, the animal scorpion is the symbol for it.

What is Dhanus Rashi?

Dhanus rashi is also known as Dhanu rashi. This is the 9th zodiac sign. Archer is the symbol for it.

What is Makara Rashi?

Makara Rashi is the 10th zodiac sign of Hindu horoscope and astrology. Sea goat is the symbol for Makara Rashi. In western culture this zodiac is popularly known as Capricorn.

What is Kumbha Rashi?

Kubha Rashi is the 11th part of the zodiac signs. Water-bearer is the symbol for Kumbha rashi that is used in Hindu culture. This sign is also known as Aquarius.

What is Meena Rashi?

Meena Rashi is the 12th and the last zodiac sign. Meena means fish. Thus, the symbol for this zodiac is also fish.

I hope now you have understood about the 12 Rashis and their meanings along with the symbols.