“Who is Krishna?”- Are you thinking about Lord Krishna? Well, he is a charismatic personality that vibes high.

Krishna is not only attractive in his looks but with his teachings also. In Hinduism, Krishna is worshiped and beloved. His high vibes and life lessons are so powerful even today.

In my current blog, I’m going to share who is Krishna. You should not miss knowing more about Lord Krishna.

Who is Krishna

Who is Krishna? – Know about God Kanha

Let’s dig deeper to know and understand about Lord Krishna-


Krishna is a Hindu God with Flute

Krishna is a Hindu god with a flute. He is a God of Love who plays flute and attracts everyone with his melodies flute.

The flute represents the heart. And when Krishna plays the flute it’s a state of bliss.

Krishna always carries a flute with him. It is said that the flute is made on the basis of a model of the heart.


Lord Krishna is A great Life Advisor

Krishna is a great advisor who teaches about life to all of us through the Bhagavad Gita. His teachings are so important and valuable.

Krishna guides and advises Arjuna in the Mahabharata as his friend and advisor. The Bhagavad Gita is the song of god in which Krishna advises us.

Krishna talked about spirituality, food, mediation, etc in the Bhagavad Gita. So, if you want to know all these things you can read the Gita where Krishna plays an important role.


Lord Krishna is the God with Peacock Feather

Lord Krishna always wears a peacock feather in his hair. Peacock feather is the part of his attire that you can see on Krishna’s head. That’s why he is the Hindu God with a peacock feather.

He wears a peacock feather because once he was playing the flute in the forest. And because of his melodies, flute sound peacock started to dance in joy.

Then peacock offered to accept its feather with love and humility. So, Krishna accepted it and started to wear it.


Krishna is a Powerful and Strong Hindu Deity

Krishna was born to finish evils and demons. Krishna is such a powerful and strong deity that he fought with demons in his childhood also.

Demons used to think that child Krishna would be easily defeated but they were wrong. Krishna’s childhood stories are amazing where he destroyed many demons with his power.

Also, Krishna was so powerful that he held the whole mountain on his little finger of the hand to protect his people.


Lord Krishna is the Essence of Love and Compassion

Krishna is a God of love and compassion. Krishna’s life is a reflection of love. All the Gopis and everyone would easily get attracted towards Krishna because of love and compassion.

In the Bhagavad Gita also Krishna has talked about the importance of love and compassion in life.

And the love of Radha Krishna is an example of pure love. Even today in Hinduism and India people give the example of Radha- Krishna when it comes to pure love.


Krishna is a Great Leader

Lord Krishna used to be a great team player and a leader. With a good strategy, he used to handle all the situations well.

As he has compassion and love in his heart, he used to lead everyone in a good way.

He used to think about everyone and used to help people by making the right decisions. This is how Krishna is considered a great leader who helped people.


God Krishna is Clever and Sensible

Krishna was very clever as he was performing many activities at a time. He was also sensible and thoughtful.

Krishna used to understand the strategies of demons and would defeat them. At the same time, he used to spread love and would be playful with Gopis.

Krishna’s cleverness and cheerful activities made Gopis fall in love with him.


Krishna Values Friendship

Krishna and Sudama’s friendship is an example of a true friendship. Krishna always helped their friends and stood for them all the time.

Sudama was Krishna’s childhood friend. Krishna always figured out a solution for his friend Sudama was in trouble.

In Hinduism, the story of Krishna and Sudama is so adorable. People many times give an example of their friendship when it comes to true friendship.


Krishna is Ever Fresh with High Vibes

Krishna’s smiling face and the high vibes are like magnets that are used to attract everyone. Krishna used to be ever fresh.

Many demons troubled Krishna but he never worried about anything and always used to be happy. Krishna used to be calm and patient. He used to punish the demons at the right time.

Krishna’s vibes would make everyone feel good and joyful. Everyone would feel like being with Krishna.


Lord Krishna is Effulgent

Krishna is always effulgent. The radiant of Krishna are known as Brahma Jyoti which means rays of supreme personality.

And the jewels of Krishna also have meaning and significance. They are bright and influential.

The transcendental influence of Lord Krishna is always great.


Lord Krishna is a Well-wisher of Devotees

Krishna always helps people who have faith in him. There are so many stories of Krishna and his devotees.

You can read more about Mira and Krishna’s story. Mira was one of the greatest devotees of Krishna. And that is such a beautiful story.

Krishan every time helped Mirabai. Also, in Mahabharat, you can see how Krishna helped Droupadi when she completely trusted Krishna. So, Krishna is a well-wisher and blesses his devotees.


Lord Krishna is All-cognizant

Krishna understands every persona’s feelings and he is aware of everything so he is all-cognizant.

Krishna understands the love of his devotees very well. He respects the feeling of people.

At the same time, he is aware of his enemies and demons who want to harm him. Krishna has more knowledge and awareness.


Krishna is Controlled by Love

Krishna is controlled by love from devotees but not the services that they offer. Krishna does not expect anything from devotees other than love.

So, one can connect with Krishna with love rather than trying to offer him anything else just to impress him.
You will understand it when you read more stories about Krishna and his devotees. Krishna reflects love and compassion.


Hindu God Krishna is a Protector

Krishna is a protector. He protects those who have faith in him.

There are many incidents where you will know how Krishna protected people when they were in trouble. Krishna as a child held the mountain and protected people.

Krishna also protected Droupadi in the Mahabharata. And there are so many examples like this where you can find that he is a protector.


Lord Krishna was Naughty in His Childhood

Krishna was very naughty in his childhood. He and his friends used to visit people’s houses and eat butter without permission.

He used to be cheerful and entertain Gopis with his naughty activities.

Krishna used to do many fun activities as a child. He was very playful.

I hope now you have got answer for your question- who is Lord Krishna? Let me know which character of Krishna you liked the most?