Hinduism beliefs are deep-rooted in Hindu culture. These beliefs have their own importance and faith.

Hinduism is not just a religion but it’s a way of life that most Indians have been following since ancient days. Their beliefs are related to the God, universal energies, life, knowledge, etc.

I belong to a Hindu family and stay in India. Let me share some Hinduism beliefs in my current blog.

Hinduism Beliefs

15 Hinduism Beliefs and Practices That Have More Significance

Hinduism beliefs are based knowledge and science that makes life meaningful-


Hindus Believe in the Law Of Karma

Hindu God Krishna has beautifully explained about Law of Karma in the holy book The Bhagavad Gita. ‘Karma’ is a Sanskrit word and it means action.

Hindus believe in karma. According to Lord Krishna, one should perform his work or duties without expecting results. The results will depend on one’s action. This is the main concept of karma.


Hinduism Talks About Reincarnation

You can find so many mythological stories in Hinduism. And there you can find the stories of Hindu deities’ reincarnation. Hindu people believe in the concept of rebirth and reincarnation since ancient years.

Recently the world-famous psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss talked about past life and rebirth in his book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’. But this concept exists in Hinduism for thousands of years.


Hindus Believe in the Power of Chanting Mantras

Chanting mantras is a crucial part of Hinduism culture. Hindus believe in chanting the Sanskrit mantras.

Well, chatting does not just mean saying prayers to god but it helps to create good vibes by activating different parts of the body and mind. When one chants mantras the pronunciation of Sanskrit create positive vibes. So, Hindus believe in group chanting as well.


Hindus Believe in ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’

‘Om’ is the sacred sound and the symbol in Hinduism. ‘Om’ is the positive vibe that Hindus believe in and it’s the reality of life and the universe.

Hindus use the word ‘om’ while chanting mantras and also while meditating. Hindus believe that the world’s existence starts with ‘om’. Well, recently NASA also found that the ‘om’ sound is present in the sun.


Non-Duality is the Belief of Hindus

Advaita Vedanta (Non-duality) is the Hindu ancient script that explains non-dualism. According to Hindu philosophy, there is unity in multiplicity. I personally believe and love this beautiful concept in Hinduism.

This concept or belief of Hindus is not baseless but has the deepest truth. According to the belief related to non-dualism, one can reach out to the ultimate reality of the truth of life.


Yoga and Meditation are the Beliefs of Hinduism Culture

Yoga and Meditation are deeply rooted in the Hinduism culture that adds value to life. Hindus believe in this lifestyle.

In ancient days also students were taught about meditation and yoga in Gurukul. This helped people to create a balanced life.


Hindus Believe in Devotion and Love

Devotion and Love are the purest feelings of human beings and Hindus believe in this. People in Hindu culture express their love and devotion towards God in the form of prayers, songs, pooja etc.

The mythology stories and also the holy books like the Bhagavad Gita also talk a lot about devotion and love.


Hindu People Believe in Ayurveda

‘Ayurveda’ is the Sanskrit word that means the science of life. Ayurveda is a way of life that teaches us to balance mind, body and health with food and natural things.

Hindus believe in Ayurveda and it has been practiced in Hinduism culture for more than three thousand years. It’s a beautiful and effective way to live life by understanding the science of life.


Hindus Worship Every Entity of Nature as a God

Nature is a part of our life. Hindus believe that every part of nature has the presence of God and Goddess.

Hindus worship rivers, the sun and all other natural resources. There are mythology stories for every natural resource like Sun God, Goddess Ganga (river) etc. This is the way to respect natural resources in Hinduism.


Hindus Believe in Different Seasonal Festivals

Well, I can say that the Hindus celebrate so many festivals every year. Every Hindu festival has its importance and the faith of the people in it.

The Hindu festivals are not just celebrations but have meaning and rituals that help everyone to lead a good life. For example, the Deepavali festival of Hindus is a festival of light. It is celebrated to celebrate the win of good over evil.


Hindus Believe in Acupuncture and Follow Traditions

There are a lot of unique traditions in Hinduism. Such as nose piercing, ear piercing, wearing bangles etc. These are related to activating some points of the body.

Till today in India Hindus believe in these traditions and values. There is some kind of science behind every Hindu tradition.


Soul and Supreme Soul Concepts are Believed by Hindus

The Bhagavad Gita also explained the soul and supreme soul. The concept explains that we all are souls and a part of the supreme soul.

Hindus believe that the supreme soul guides us and we are driven by the supreme energy. The soul is known as ‘Atma’ and the supreme soul is known as ‘Paramatma’.


Hinduism and The Belief about Fasting

Fasting in Hinduism is the act of purifying the body by not consuming food on particular days. Hindus believe that fasting helps to purify the mind and body.

People also have faith that fasting helps to acquire divine grace so they do fasting with devotion. Hindus do fasting in honour of God Shiva, God Ganesha etc.


Hindus Believe that Individual Souls are Immortal

The soul is the energy that resides in the body and it is neither destroyed nor created. This is the belief of Hinduism.

The body is mortal but the soul was present and always will be present. Hindus believe that the soul is the energy or power and a part of supreme power.


Hindus Believe in Liberation

Liberation in Hinduism means Moksha. That means the soul will stay away from the cycle of birth and death. The soul will stay in its original form, this is known as Moksha.

According to Hinduism, there are many ways to achieve this state. It can be done by following the path of duty, knowledge or path of devotion. Hindus believe that Moksha is the ultimate goal.

7 Hindu Beliefs About God

Hindu people worship so many different Gods and Goddesses. They have strong beliefs and faith in deities.

1. In Hinduism the God Brahma is the creator of the universe.

2. God Vishnu, preserves the universe according to Hinduism beliefs.

3. Hindu Gods and Goddesses have many forms and incarnations.

4. Hindus worship natural resources as the God and Goddesses.

5. God is considered as ‘Paramatma’ in Hinduism.

6. Hindus believe that God does justice according to one’s actions.

7. Devotion towards God will help in liberation.

5 Hinduism Beliefs About Death

There are many visuals and beliefs about death in Hinduism culture.

1. Hindus mourne for 10-13 days after somebody’s death. They believe that for 10-13 days the departed soul stays around.

2. Hindus believe that the soul will not be peaceful if the rituals are not done properly after death.

3. Hindus believe in rebirth after death.

4. The cremation Hindus collect some of the ashes and put that in the sacred rivers with payers.

5. Hindus do rituals for a departed soul every year. They believe that the soul will be peaceful and happy if they perform rituals once a year.

Hindu Beliefs About Marriage

Let’s see what does Hinduism says about marriage.

1. Hindus believe that marriage is a sacred ceremony.

2. People believe that the marriage is between souls and the bound stays for 7 lives. That means the couples are made for each other not only for this lifetime but for the 7 lifetimes.

3. Hindus think that marriage and couples are destined and God writes the destiny.

4. Hindus believe in the sacred thread known as ‘Mangalsutra’, which is tied by a man to a woman during the marriage ceremony.

So, these are the Hindusim beliefs related to different aspects of life. Hindus consider these beliefs and related them with their life.