108 Names of Lord Krishna are not only beautiful but have an extremely wonderful meaning. In Hinduism, people praise and devote Lord Krishna with different names.

The different names of Krishna reflect his qualities of him. I can say that if you understand these 108 names then you understand the characteristics of Krishna.

Here I’m going to share 108 names Krishna along with their meanings.

108 Names of Lord Krishna

108 Names of Lord Krishna

In Hindu culture, people worship Krishna and love him by chanting his different names. You can also understand the meaning behind each name of Krishna in this blog.

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘A’

You will love the attractive names of Sri Krishna.

1. Achala- Still Lord
2. Achyuta- Infallible
3. Adbhutah- Wonderful
4. Adidev- The Lord of the Lords
5. Aditya- He is the son af Aditi
6. Ajanma- Limitless And Endless
7. Ajaya- The Conqueror
8. Akshara- Indestructible
9. Amrut- Sweet as nectar
10. Anaadih- Someone who is the first cause
11. Anandsagar- Compassionate
12. Ananta- Endless
13. Anantajit- Ever victorious
14. Anaya- Someone who Sas no Leader
15. Aniruddha- He can not be obstructed
16. Aparajeet- He can not be defeated
17. Avyukta- One Who Is As Clear As Crystal

Names of Krishna Starting With ‘B’ and ‘C’

18. Balgopal- The child Krishna
19. Bali- Strength

20. Chaturbhuj- Four-Armed god

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘D’

21. Danavendra- Granter of boons
22. Dayalu- Repository of compassion
23. Dayanidhi- Very compassionate
24. Devadidev- The god of the gods
25. Devakinandan- Son of Devaki
26. Devesh- Lord of the Lord
27. Dharmadhyaksha- The Lord of dharma
28. Dwarkapati- Lord of Dwarka

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘G’

29. Gopal- Someone who plays with the cowherds
30. Gopalpriya- Who loves cowherds
31. Govinda- One who pleases the cows, land and entire nature
32. Gyaneshwar- The lord of knowledge

Names of Krishna Starting With ‘H’

33. Hari- God of nature
34. Hiranyagarbha- Powerful creator
35. Hrishikesh- The god of all senses

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘J’

36. Jagadguru- Preceptor of the universe
37. Jagadisha- Protector of all
38. Jagannath- Lord of the universe
39. Janardhana- One who bestows boons
40. Jayantah- Conqueror of enemies
41. Jyotiraaditya- The resplendence of the sun

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘K’

42. Kamalnath- The Lord of Goddess Laxmi
43. Kamalnayan- Someone with lotus-shaped eyes
44. Kamsantak- Slayer of Kamsa
45. Kanjalochana- The lotus-eyed god
46. Keshava- Someone who has long, black matted locks
47. Krishna- Dark-complexioned lord

48. Lakshmikantam- The lord of goddess Lakshmi
49. Lokadhyaksha- God of all the three worlds

Names of Krishna Starting With ‘M’

50. Madan- The lord of love
51. Madhava- Knowledge filled god
52. Madhusudan- Slayer of demon Madhu
53. Mahendra- Lord of god Indra
54. Manmohan- Pleasing lord
55. Manohar- Beautiful
56. Mayur- Someone who has peacock feathered-crest
57. Mohan- All attractive god
58. Murali- The flute playing lord
59. Murlidhar- Who holds the flute
60. Murlimanohar- The flute playing god

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘N’

61. Nandgopala- The son of Nand
62. Narayana- The refuge of everyone
63. Niranjana- Unblemished
64. Nirguna- Without any properties

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘P’

65. Padmahasta- Who has hands like lotus
66. Padmanabha- Who has a lotus-shaped navel
67. Parabrahmana- Supreme absolute truth
68. Paramatma- Lord of all beings
69. Parampurush- Supreme
70. Parthasarthi- Charioteer of Arjuna
71. Prajapati- Lord of all creatures
72. Punyah- Very pure
73. Purshottam- Supreme soul

74. Ravilochana- Someone who has eyes like sun

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘S’

75. Sahasraakash- Thousand-eyed god
76. Sahasrajit- Someone who vanquishes thousands
77. Sahasrapaat- Thousand-footed god
78. Sakshi- All witnessing
79. Sanatana- Eternal
80. Sarvajana- Omniscient
81. Sarvapalaka- Protector
82. Sarveshwar- Lord of all gods
83. Satyavachana – Someone who speaks only the truth
84. Satyavrata- The truth dedicated
85. Shantah- Peaceful
86. Shreshta- Glorious
87. Shrikanta- Beautiful
88. Shyam- Dark-Complexioned
89. Shyamsundara- Lord of the beautiful evenings
90. Sudarshana- Handsome
91. Sumedha- Intelligent
92. Suresham- Lord of all demi-gods
93. Swargapati- God of heavens

94. Trivikrama- Conqueror of all the three worlds

95. Upendra- Brother of Indra

Names of Sri Krishna Starting With ‘V’

96. Vaikunthanatha- The heavenly abode
97. Vardhamaanah- Formless
98. Vasudev- All prevailing
99. Vishnu- All prevailing lord
100. Vishwadakshinah- Skillfull and efficient
101. Vishwakarma- Creator of the universe
102. Vishwamurti- The form of the entire universe
103. Vishwarupa- Someone who displays the universal form
104. Vishwatma- Soul of the universe
105. Vrishaparvaa- Lord of dharma

Names of Lord Krishna Starting With ‘Y’

106. Yadavendra- King of the Yadav Clan
107. Yogi- Someone who is the supreme master
108. Yoginampati- Lord of the yogis

How Many Names Does Krishna Have?

Lord Krishna has 108 names that reflect his characteristic. With love and devotion, people address him with different names.

What are the Different Titles for God Krishna?

Krishna is popularly known for different names like – Vishnu, Hari, Gopal, Mohan, Keshav. Including these popular names, he has 108 unique names.

Now you know all the 108 names of Lord Krishna with their meanings in this blog. Which name did you love the most, let me know in the comment box below.