Modern Hindu goddess names for a baby girl that you are looking for are here. You are going to love every name that I share here.

Well, I’ve spent many days making this best list of modern Hindu names of Goddess for babies. I know that as a parent, you will surely choose the most beautiful name for your princess.

First I heartily congratulate you that you are welcoming a new baby into your family. Now let me help you select the best name for her.

Modern Hindu Goddess Names for a Baby Girl

99 Modern Hindu Goddess Names for a Baby Girl

In Hinduism, parents love to name their daughters after Goddess Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati, etc.

Now there are more beautiful modern names inspired by Hindu Goddesses.

Modern Names of Goddess Lakshmi for a Baby Girl

Name your baby girl after Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

1. Anagha – Sinless person
2. Ditya – Answer of prayers
3. Dipta – Radiant
4. Saanvi- Name of Goddess Laxmi
5. Trishika- One who is with a trident

6. Shreenika- She is the lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu
7. Dhanvi- Wealthy
8. Pranshi- Of Great stature
9. Aarna- Goddess Laxmi’s name
10. Riya- Rich and Graceful

11. Mishita- Sweet person
12. Tanishka- Goddess of Gold
13. Riddhi- Wealth
14. Siddhiksha- Laxmi’s name
15. Preksha- Beholding

16. Kavishri- Poetess, name of Laxmi
17. Nandhika- Happy Woman
18. Sanvitha- Wealth
19. Arupa- Limitless
20. Jyotsna- Goddess who is the night lit by the moon
21. Surabhi – Celestial being
22. Swadha – Shape of Swadhadevi
23. Vibha – Radiant woman
24. Dhanya –It means the personification of gratitude


Hindu Modern Names of Goddess Saraswati for Baby Girls

May Goddess always shower her blessings in your newborn baby. Let’s see some beautiful names of Saraswati.

25. Nyra – This name means the beauty of Goddess Saraswati
26. Divyanga- having divine limbs
27. Aashvi- Blessed
28. Rithanya- Who provides immense capabilities
29. Saudamini- Whose resplendence is like lightening
30. Medhasvi- Knowledge and ability
31. Tivra- Whose speed is fast

32. Suravandita- Who is adored by the Gods
33. Triguna- Who is the personification of the 3 Gunas-Tamas, Rajas and Sattva
34. Sarvatmika- She is the soul of everyone
35. Soumya- Someone who is gentle and cheerful
36. Vandya- Who is worthy of worship
37. Chandrika- Bright as Moonlight


Modern Hindu Names of Goddess Durga for Babies

Maa Durga is the epitome of courage and power. You can choose the name for your daughter that is inspired by Durga Devi.

38. Divisha- Chief of the Goddess
39. Adya – The Initial reality or the first power
40. Tavishi- Courage
41. Aeindri – The meaning of Aeindri is the power of God Indra
42. Aparna – Aparna basically means a leafless person
43. Kriya – Action

44. Sathvika- Calm
45. Tarini- One who frees
46. Ishani- Consort of Lord Shiva
47. Shreyanvi- Goddess Durga
48. Nitya – Eternal
49. Ratnapriya – Adorned or loved by jewels
50. Saadhvi – Sanguine or optimistic
51. Pranavi- The first sound of universe Aum
52. Shatakshi- Hundred eyed
53. Pritisha- Name of Durga

Well, there are 108 powerful and unique names of Goddess Durga that you must not miss out on before selecting the name for your baby.

Modern Hindu Names For Your Daughters Inspired by Goddesses

Let’s see some prettiest names for your adorable daughters.

54. Miraya- Devotee of Krishna
55. Neeva- River Narmada
56. Adhisha- Beginning
57. Mrinalini – Place where lotus grows
58. Priyagni- Beloved Goddess
59. Souri- Goddess who is the power of the sun
60. Abhirami- Goddess Parvati
61. Sharvaree- Goddess who is the form of night
62. Ameya- Goddess who does not have boundaries
63. Kashvi- Shining
64. Siya- Sita
65. Nirvi- Bliss
66. Krishnavi- The thing that is sweetest to Lord Krishna
67. Jenika- God’s gift
68. Amvi- Goddess Amba
69. Keshavi- Goddess Radha
70. Vrunda- Tulsi
71. Drisha- Mountain Lord
72. Vasvi- The divine light
73. Parita- Name of Kunti
74. Radhika – A new version name of Goddess Radha
75. Adrija- Mountain, name of Parvati
76. Sharvi- Devine
77. Dviti- Bright
78. Arshi- First ray of sun
79. Rushika- Born with Shiva’s blessings
80. Ekveera- Goddess Ekvira
81. Ritisha- Goddess of truth
82. Aaradhi- Name of Krishna
83. Aavya- Gift of God
84. Aindrila- Female star
85. Anvi- Goddess of forest
86. Saachi- Another name for Agni
87. Shivanshi- A part of Shiv
88. Vedanshi- A part of Veda
89. Srija- Dauther of goddess Laxmi
90. Nimisha- Who will be in the same image as God, Momentary
91. Vanya- Goddess of Forests
92. Pavani- Goddess Ganga
93. Omysha- Goddess of birth and death
94. Himani- Goddess Parvati
95. Mishika- Love of God
96. Siara- Pure and holy woman
97. Aradhya- Worshipped
98. Misha- Message bearer from God
99. Harinika- Goddess Vasu

Which Goddess Name is Suitable for My Baby Girls?

Hindu Goddesses have many different beautiful names that highlight their qualities. You can choose any name for your daughter that you find meaningful.

From this list of modern Hindu Goddess names for a baby girl, you can also select that name according to the first alphabet.