Traditional Hindu baby girl names are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

If you are looking for a traditional name for your daughter, you are at the right place. Here I’ve made a list of amazing names that you are going to love.

So, let’s see the best traditional Hindu baby girl names.

Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names

171 Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Hindu traditional names reflect the Hindu culture. Also, they are inspired by the names of Hindu God and Goddess.

Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘A’

Here you can find the names starting with the alphabet “A”.

1. Aarya – This is another name of Goddess Parvati. Aarya means a noble lady.
2. Anagha – Sinless person
3. Amrita – Nectar
4. Anugrahaprada – Granter of good wishes
5. Aadya – The Initial reality or the first power. Name Aadya means one who is excellent and primeval.
6. Ananta – Boundless person
7. Ameyaa – Unable to measure or extremely deep that can’t be measured.
8. Abhavya – It means, improper or fears caused by being powerful.
9. Aparna – Aparna basically means a leafless person. That means the one who does not consume even a leaf as food during fasting with devotion.
10. Apraudha – One who is ever youth and never gets old.
11. Aeindri – The meaning of Aeindri is the power of God Indra.
12. Ananta – One who is limitless or never-ending is called Ananta.
13. Ambika- The mother goddess

Best Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘B’

14. Bharati- The goddess of speech
15. Bhavya – Magnificence
16. Bhavaprita – One person who is loved by all in the universe
17. Bhavini – The meaning of the name Bhavini is- a beautiful woman
18. Balaprada – The name reflects strength.
19. Bhuvaneshwari – Supreme deity or goddess
20. Bhadrakaali – The form of the Hindu Goddess Kaali
21. Bhavani – The home of the universe is known as Bhavani.
22. Bhavya – Representing future or the one who is the future
23. Bhavamochani – The one who is the absolver of the whole universe
24. Braahmi – Power of the Hindu God Brahma
25. Brahmavaadini – Someone who is present everywhere
26. Bilvanilaya – Resider under Bilva Tree (Stone apple tree)

Best Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘C’

27. Chandaghanta – mighty bells
28. Chiti – This name means ‘The thinking mind’
29. Chetana- Power of intelect
30. Chitra – The bright picture
31. Chandra – The moon or cool like the moon
32. Chandravadana – Moon-Faced person
33. Chandrasahodari – The Moon’s sister
34. Chitragandha- The woman whose fragrance is variegated
35. Chitrambara- Whose clothes are variegated
36. Chandravadana- Beautiful as Moon
37. Chandragupta – Moon-Faced
38. Chaturbhuja – Having four arms
39. Chhaya – Shadow

Attractive Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘D’

40. Durga – Invincible and impassable
41. Ditya – Answer of prayers
42. Dhanya –It means the personification of gratitude
43. Devi – Goddess
44. Divyanga- having divine limbs
45. Dipta – Radiant
46. Deepa – Flame-Like
47. Dakshakanya – It means the daughter of the King Daksha
48. Divya- Devine

Unique Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘G’

49. Ghorarupa – Having a fierce outlook towards life
50. Gyaana – Full of Knowledge or an immense knowledge
51. Gomati- A place with herds of wows

Rare Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘H’ and ‘I’

52. Hiranmayi – It means, a golden appearance
53. Harivallabhi – Consort of Lord Hari
54. Harini – Someone who is like Deer
55. Hemamalini – Having golden garlands
56. Hiranyaprakara – Amidst gold

57. Indira – Radiant like the God Indra
58. Indusheetala – Someone who is cool like the Moon

Different Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘J’

59. Jaya – The victorious or the triumphant
60. Jalodari – Abode of the ethereal universe
61. Jatila- Someone who has matted hairs

Classic Old Names Starting with ‘K’ for Daughters in Hinduism

62. Kriya – Action
63. Kumari – The adolescent and an unmarried female
64. Karuna – Compassionate
65. Katyayani – The one who is worshipped by sage Katyanan
66. Kanta – Consort of Lord Vishnu
67. Kamala – Emanating from the Lotus
68. Kamakshi – Attractive eyes
69. Kaanta- Beautiful
70. Kalamanjiiraranjini – One who is wearing a musical anklet
71. Krupa – Kindness

Traditional Name for Girls in Hinduism Starting with ‘L’

Traditional Hindu Goddess names.

72. Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth and money
73. Lalitha – Goddess Lalitha

Traditional Beautiful Female Names for Baby Girls Starting with ‘M’

74. Mangala Devi – Most auspicious woman
75. Maaheshvari – Power of Lord Shiva
76. Malini- Who has a garland
77. Mahabhadra- The one who is is supremely auspicious
78. Mahavidya- She has great knowledge
79. Maatangi – The Goddess of Matanga
80. Mahamaya- Who has a great illusion

Traditional Names for Girls in Hindus starting with ‘N’

81. Nitya Pushta – Gaining strength day by day or every day
82. Niranjana- Who is dispassionate
83. Neelabhuja- Blue coloured arms
84. Neelajangha- Who has blue thighs

Traditional Hindu Names for Newborn Girls with Alphabet ‘P’

85. Parameshvari – The Ultimate Goddess
86. Pratyaksha – The real
87. Parvati- She of the mountain
88. Padmagandhini – Fragrance of lotus flower
89. Pinaakadharini – One who holds the trident (Trishul) of the Lord Shiva
90. Pattaambaraparidhaana – Wearing a dress or an attire made up of leather
91. Purushaakriti – The Goddess who takes the form of a man
92. Praudha – The one who is old
93. Padmapriya – She is the lover of lotus
94. Prasannakshi – Lively-Eyed woman
95. Padmahasta – Having Lotus-Like hands
96. Padmakshya – Lotus-eyed
97. Padmini – Lotus
98. Padma – Lotus flower
99. Prakriti – Nature
100. Padmamaladhara – Someone who is a wearer of lotus garland
101. Padmamukhi – Lotus-Faced woman
102. Padmanabhapriya – Beloved of Lord Padmanabha
103. Padmakshi- Her eyes are like lotus
104. Para- Beyond everything
105. Padmalochana- The woman whose eyes are like lotus
106. Padmasundari – Beautiful like the lotus
107. Padmalaya – Residing on the lotus flower
108. Padmodbhava – Someone who has emerged out of the lotus
109. Paramatmika – Omnipresence
110. Prabha – Having radiant like the sun
111. Prasadabhimukhi – Emerging to grant boons
112. Pritipushkarini – Someone with pleasing eyes
113. Punyagandha – Having a divine perfume

Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘R’

114. Rama – Pleaser of the Lord
115. Renuka – Goddess Renuka
116. Roopa- Beautiful
117. Radha – Goddess Radha

Traditional Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘S’

118. Saadhvi – Sanguine or optimistic
119. Sadagati – Always in motion and someone who gives salvation
120. Satya – The truth, reality
121. Sundari – Gorgeous woman
122. Sarvamantramayi – Goddess who possess all the instruments of thought
123. Sarvavidya – Knowledgeable
124. Savitri – (Parvati) The daughter of the Sun God Savitr
125. Shooldharini – Someone who holds a monument
126. Shivadooti – Ambassador of Lord Shiva
127. Subhadra- Extremely beautiful
128. Saudamini- Whose resplendence is like lightening
129. Suvasini- Who fills the whole cosmos with auspiciousness
130. Soumya- Someone who is gentle and cheerful
131. Shaambhavi – Consort or companion of Shambhu
132. Sursundari – Woman who is extremely beautiful
133. Shri – Goddess of fortune
134. Shubha – Auspicious
135. Shubhaprada – Granter of auspicious things
136. Shuchi – Embodiment of purity
137. Shuklamalyambara – Someone who is the wearer of white garland and attire
138. Siddhi – Ever ready to protect straina
139. Strainasoumya – Showering goodness on women
140. Suprasanna – Ever cheerful and beaming
141. Surabhi – Celestial being
142. Swadha – Shape of Swadhadevi
143. Swaha – Shape of Swahadevi (Auspicious)
144. Satyanandasvarupini – An Eternal bliss
145. Sarvaastradhaarini – Possessor of all the missile tools to destroy evil
146. Sarvadaanavaghaatini – Possessing the power and who is capable of destroying demons
147. Sarvashaastramayi – One who is deft in all theories

Hindu Traditionally Pretty Names for Babies Starting with ‘T’

148. Tapasvini – A woman who is engaged in penance
149. Trinetra – Someone who has three eyes
150. Tushti – Someone who is the possessor of all wealth
151. Trikalajnanasampanna – The one who is aware of all past, present, and future

List of Traditional Hindu Girls Names for Your Baby Starting with ‘V’

152. Vaishnavi – The Goddess who is invincible
153. Vishnumaya – Spell of Lord Vishnu
154. Vandurga – Goddess of forests
155. Vimalauttkarshini – Providing joy
156. Vaarahini – One who rides on Varaah
157. Vasudha – Earth or planet
158. Vimala – Purity
159. Vachi – Nectar-like speech
160. Vibha – Radiant woman
161. Vasudha- She is the Earth
162. Vaishnavi- The power of Lord Vishnu
163. Vishwajanani – She is the mother of the universe
164. Varalakshmi – Granter of bounty
165. Vasudharini – Someone who is bearing the burden of the earth
166. Vasundhara – She is the daughter of the Earth
167. Vibhuti – Wealth or money
168. Vidya – Wisdom and knowledge
169. Vikriti – Faceted Nature
170. Vasuprada – Bestower or giver of wealth

171. Yashaswini – Reputed woman

Now you can choose the best traditional Hindu baby girl names for your daughters that reflect deep meaning. Let me know which name you find the most beautiful from the list.